Crafting makes my world go ’round


I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about what my purpose is during this phase of my life.  I don’t mean my spiritual purpose – I’m feeling okay about that part of my self.  And I don’t mean my purpose as a person – My daily routine of being a mom keeps me pretty centered on that front as well.  Mostly, it’s my purpose as a contributor to a family income and supporter of an as-yet-to-be-started shoe collection that has been on my mind.

To that end, I’ve been pursuing writing jobs and publishing opportunities (not to mention the plethora of resumes I’ve sent out for full-time jobs).  I have some things I need to put in the mail, so I need to kick myself in the butt to get that done, but I am going to have a poem published in a local poetry journal this fall.  Yay!  But in addition to the typing of words, I’ve been spending more time creating with my fingers in other ways.  I’ve become a Crafter.

For years I have made gifts for family and friends, created flower arrangements and designed holiday cards.  It’s just been something I did for myself, to release that creative energy that builds up.  I’ve had, for my entire adult life, boxes of ephemera and buttons and shiny bits and glue guns that I didn’t use on a regular basis, but that had to be kept for the day that one or more of those items were NEEDED. 

This year I finally have a place to put my boxes (and boxes, and boxes, and boxes) and a surface on which to work.  It’s wonderful!  I have also been frequenting a website (Hubby says I’m addicted) that was created for the purpose of matching art and craft sellers with buyers. is providing me with advice from others who do what I do – and actually make MONEY doing it – and a place to sell my creations.  More than that, though, it is inspiring me.  I am thinking of things I can make, and ways I can create, and getting excited about the possibilities.  This is a good thing.  I was needing to get excited.

So, cheers to all of you who make stuff! Even if your significant other or your circle of friends don’t understand why you make it (or even what it is, exactly)  Keep on Crafting!!

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