Some job interviews and a nasty case of croup


Last weeek I was all jazzed up about hearing from the local news daily and being told I’m on their list of candidates for an entry-level feature writing positions there.  Typically, though, I haven’t heard a thing since.  However, in an interesting change of fortune (knock, knock) I heard from a local arts center that is going to be hiring a development/fundraising position in the near future. I set an appointment to visit with the administrative director this week and promptly came down with some kind of mean-spirited nastiness that has wreaked havoc on my chest and throat.

At first, I thought I’d have to cancel the interview, but I toughed it out and got dressed and croaked though it anyway.  I think it went well, and am really excited about the possibility.  It would be an opportunity to get back into the field that I have said for years I wanted to be in after I finished my degree, and it’s only a few minutes from home.  Also, it’s a small enough organization that I think I could do the work and learn as I went along in some respects.

At the interview the woman asked me if I had a tight timeline, indicating that she wanted me to meet with another person (a board member) who is currently out of the country. (Ahh, the life of a board member, right?)  This was Tuesday, and I said I didn’t have any kind of time issues to deal with.  Certainly, I didn’t have anything else pressing on the horizon.

Then, yesterday, I got a call asking me to interview for a position on campus I had applied for a few weeks ago.  That interview was today.  Although the position is “only” an administrative assistant role, and it pays less than I am assuming the other one would, there are pros to getting a job back at the UofA.  They have good benefits and retirement account options, there would be opportunities to move into other roles more befitting my experience and skill level at some point, and I would be able to pursue additional educational credits for WAY cheap.  Hubby could too, if he wanted.  The folks I talked to today said they’re hoping to make a decision tomorrow afternoon.

So, the delimma is obvious, right?  If offered the lower-paying, non-“professional” position do I wait to see what happens with the other or just take the “bird in hand”?  Do I contact the arts center and tell them I have a potential offer before hearing about the UofA and see if they can give me any indication of my true likelihood of securing that job?  Hmmm….

So… at least the possibility of having a job at all is a good thing.

And the antibiotic seems to be helping… *hack hack… cough*


About Laurie

I have too many hobbies, but have finally learned (sort of) how to focus on one at a time and stifle my desire to add more. ;) I'm a mom, a wife, a writer, an artist, a seamstress, a gardener, a backyard-chicken farmer, a fundraiser, a movie-lover, a book hoarder, a junker, a thrift-store-shopper... I also love to laugh, make people happy, and take road trips. Some of these things make it into blog posts. I'm almost 50 and I'm still able to sleep through the night. I consider that a success.

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  1. My guess is the “Do I contact the arts center and tell them I have a potential offer before hearing about the UofA and see if they can give me any indication of my true likelihood of securing that job? Hmmm….” one. Or wait to hear from UofA before contacting the arts center. If UA offers it up, just let the arts center know you have an offer but would like first to check on this one. Seems reasonable.
    Go girl.

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