The Oscars


When I was a young woman, my daydreams consisted largely of what I would say when I accepted my Oscar.  I didn’t focus as much on what I’d wear… I guess I assumed that, as usual, I wouldn’t know what I felt like wearing until I woke up that day and looked in the mirror.  Plus, I’ve never been very good at extraneous speaking (sans script).  I know, it’s shocking, seeing as how I come off as pretty glib in person and in print.  But really, if I’m handed a live microphone without any words to read or rehearsals to fall back on, I’m a complete lunatic.  Ask anyone who watched me crash and burn (brilliantly, and wearing a fabulous dress!) at the senior class Bluebonnet Belle pageant in 1984.  Anyway, yeah… I’d need to prepare.

So, the Oscars.  I’ve always enjoyed watching them, although I’m not as rabid about them as I used to be.  I gave up on that dream of making the acceptance speech a long time ago.  This year, as has been the case since becoming a parent, I haven’t seen all of the films or performances that are nominated.  Tonight, though, I did have a few favorites.  So far, my favorites have won.  Okay, Johnny didn’t win, but I didn’t really expect him to.  I love him dearly, and I adored Sweeney Todd, but I knew Daniel Day Lewis would go home with the gold man.  I was right, however, on Juno’s screenplay (yay for exotic dancers turned writers!!) and the original score for Atonement.  I was literally distracted by the beauty of the music at times while watching that movie.  I would buy that cd… does that make me a film geek??

Of course, before I could get too carried away with the majesty that is Hollywood award shows… I was jerked back to reality just as they were announcing the best film of the year when my son pooped his pants and it oozed out of the pull-up and down his leg.  Oh yeah, now I remember why I gave up that dream of thanking the Academy.

Maybe someday I can write a winning screenplay.  But I want to proudly flaunt MY pinup girl tattoo like Diablo Cody did… now I just need to get one.


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  1. Diablo’s win made me happy, too. We writers earn our livings as we must or we wish (in my case, in IT) while we pursue our muses elsewhere.

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