Today was (and still is) a full day.  It is one of those days when it seems that no one planning events in our community checked the calendar (casually assuming there is one) to see what ELSE might be going on.  This morning, the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks had their annual plant sale.  On Dickson Street in Fayetteville it was Springfest.  In Bentonville, the Jr. League hosted “Touch-a-Truck”.  And finally, today is the Razorfest and the Red & White game at the University of Arkansas.

The day is only half over and I’m already ready for a nap!!

So, because I know you’re dying to know, here’s what we’ve done and have planned:

This morning I met my sister, Erin at the plant sale and we scored some lovely tomato and pepper plants on the cheap from the UA Horticulture Club.  Six nice-size healthy plants were only $4.00 – what a deal!  She also picked up some “hens-n-chicks” and I got a great little hosta to add to my growing collection. 

We went from there to the farmer’s market where I happily advertised my favorite theatre group, TheatreSquared by carrying my fresh cilantro and green onions in a little tote bag I got from them.  There were three thousand and seventy two dogs there, and my daughter Kelsey enjoyed getting some great pics of every single one.  She’s an animal lover, and on nice days local folks LOVE to take their dogs out on the town – makes for great photo ops.

After making our way around the square a couple of times we headed over to Springfest.  It’s a festival of sorts, and features booths and vendors of all kinds.  There are local tie-dye clothing sellers, jewelry makers, and folks from the biology and entomology departments at the UofA.  There were quite a number modern hippies out and about, and lots of information on recycling and watershed issues.  I always get inspired to be a better citizen of the earth at Springfest.  There were also some live performances by local dance and theatre troupes, street performers, and art shows, not to mention the yummy corndogs, funnel cakes, and fresh-squeezed lemonade! Something for everyone.

People watching was interesting today.  Lots of dads with babies on their chests or backs, the sight of which always make me smile.  As I said, tons of dogs of all shapes and sizes.  There was an interesting couple that my daughter got a pic of – maybe I’ll post it here later – she was wearing brightly striped rubber rain boots, a short flouncy skirt with a belt of sorts with gold tassles. Her hair was black and purple and put up in little perky pig tails.  He was in a green kilt.  When they came upon a local drummer adding a beat to the springtime festival soundtrack, the young lady seized the moment to treat the crowd to a wiggly, belly-dance inspired performance.  I love the people in my community. 🙂

I think the only thing that didn’t cause me to smile today was the sight of some girls representing the Model and Talent Productions modeling agency.  They are new in town, and have contacted me about my daughter, who has spoken to another agency in town about being a model.  I don’t know where they got her name, but I assume it was some kind of list somewhere.  Anyway, we came upon three girls walking in front of us, and I said “Oh look, the Hooters girls are out…” but then I saw they had tee-shirts on with this agency’s name printed on them.  They were wearing very high heels, tiny little short skirts, and had their tee-shirts tucked up under their bras a-la Girls Gone Wild.  My assumption is that they were supposed to be walking down the street looking for young people who might be interested in joining their agency as a model, but amazingly enough, they were only seen talking to men who didn’t look like they had a career on the runway in mind.  I’m not exaggerating when I say they looked like prostitutes.  I almost said something to the head of the agency, who was sitting at their booth as we walked by, but decided I wouldn’t embarrass the “models”.  I will absolutely be sending an email though, to tell him that there is no way my daughter will be working for an agency who allows their models to “advertise” by dressing like they’re auditioning for the latest Playboy College Campus issue.  I’m no prude, so if I found them offensive, you know it was bad.

While I was hanging out with hippies and prostitute-wannabes, Hubby took the boy and one of the girls to the Touch-a-Truck event.  We went last year, and have some great pics of Griffin sitting in giant tractors, on motorcycles, etc… this year they added a helecopter!  They had a great time, and now Hubby is watching the NFL draft (McFadden went no. 4!!!! WOOT!!!).  Tonight we’re going to the football game to take a look at the team as they play under our new coach, Bobby Petrino.  Should be fun.  It’s a GORGEOUS day… get out and enjoy it!! (but feel free to comment first…)


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  1. I’m going to second Laurie when I will confirm that the model agency girls were wearing less than many prostitutes I see on Cops are wearing.


  2. Oh, please DO write a letter to the agency! And post it here so we can all read it. This makes me so mad, for my daughter and for all the other little girls out there who are presented with such harmful images of what it is to be a woman.

  3. Whew. I’m tired just reading about your day. But what fun!

    And, YES, send a letter! If the agency was behind that little display, they need to know how we feel about their calling this behavior “modeling.” And if they were not, and the girls took it upon themselves to be “sexy” (as if Girls Gone Wild were sexy), the agency needs to know that, too.

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