Oh yeah, I’m a writer!


It seems lately like most of my freetime is being spent on my crafting hobby.  Okay, it doesn’t just SEEM like it – it IS being spent on my crafting hobby.  But today I got a package in the mail that reminded me that I need to try to make more time for my other hobby – writing.

I have had a poem published in a local poetry/literary journal called Poesia.  In addition to the two copies of the spring issue, I also received a check for TEN WHOLE DOLLARS!!!  Can you say Etsy.com money!?

You can check out the publisher’s website here, and perhaps you’ll get a kick out of the extremely opinionated editor’s rant about some of the local poetry slams and open mic nights.  He’s good for a chuckle.

Now, I need to go organize my craft room…

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  1. You realize that since you got paid, you are now a professional writer. If you enter and win any amateur contests I shall require a bribe to keep your professional status a secret. 10 bucks should suffice. Congrats.

  2. Oh great, now you’ve been PUBLISHED. I’m forever going to be intimidated by you and from now on I will feel self-conscious posting comments to your blog…. Just kidding. Seriously, though, that’s AWESOME news!!!! YAY FOR YOU!!! You’re a goddess!!!!

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