today should be Friday, because it makes me say F words


Today was the day my sister and I went to the neurosurgeon’s office with my mom to get the results of the biopsy done on her brain tumor over a week ago. I know, right??!! OVER A WEEK AGO!!! In dog time, or in child-with-parent-with-brain-tumor-time, that’s about 743 years. That’s what it feels like.

Anyway, my sister and went for that appointment at 3pm and were disappointed to hear that the news is not as good as we’d hoped. It’s an astrocytoma, grade 4 glioblastoma. There are not great things to report about these tumors, although mom’s doctor was insistent that every tumor and every patient acts and responds differently. Understandably, he wants to focus on how HER treatment will help HER and not worry about the other statistics.

On the whole I’m okay with the way things went today. Whether it’s a “good” tumor or a “bad” tumor doesn’t matter, really. It’s something growing in her brain that shouldn’t be there.

I was annoyed with the fact that she has yet to get any actual information about what is going on except what the doctor will tell her face-to-face. I know where he’s coming from when he says he will happily answer any questions she has, but I don’t think I’m unique in that I don’t know what to ask until I have something to read or some information first. Why they won’t provide her with basic “What is a brain tumor?” kind of info is beyond me. How can a patient make decisions just based on what one guy says? Seems a bit archaic.

But moving on… the day wasn’t over. I left my mom and sister to go take care of some of her paperwork at her HR office, and felt bad because if I was crying before I left the parking lot I knew my sister wanted to – but she wouldn’t when she was with mom.

So I picked up my son in between phone calls to my brothers to let them know what we found out, got home, and before I got out of the van I got a call from our family doctor. My son had been having some back pain and we had a urinalysis done last Friday which showed ketones, or protein, in his urine. When he saw that, the doctor asked that we get some blood work done to see if there was something going on with his kidneys. The nurse who called said they had found elevated sugar levels in his blood. She said our doctor would call me later, but that elevated blood sugar is a sign of diabetes. That’s kind of where the F words came in.

The good news, if there is any, is that his blood sugar was 169mg/dl, only a little elevated. And he also doesn’t have any of the classic symptoms of diabetes – frequent urination, weight loss, lethargy, intense thirst, etc… and the day he was tested he had a slight fever that had gone on for 12 hours, which can also cause elevated blood sugar. I’m hopeful that the meeting we’re going to have with the endocrinologist will show something other than diabetes, but it could be that we just caught it very early and his pancreas just hasn’t completely shut down yet.

After breaking all the shitty news to my hubby when he got home and having a cry with him, my mom came over – alerted by my big-mouth brother about my son’s report. (thanks Brian!) We all sat in the living room and laughed – believe it or not – about things and talked about stuff and generally agreed that today was quite a day.

Hubby and I then took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for some tolerable pizza and expensive penny arcade toys, and are ready for a good night’s sleep. Or some alcohol.

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  1. Oh, my goodness. *feel free to insert the F word where appropriate, because I certainly am thinking it* What an incredibly tough time for you and your family. Laurie, I hope it helps just a little bit to know how much you are loved. Hope you can feel my hugs across the miles.

  2. I’m a big fan of the f word. I find it quite effective when used liberally.
    (((Big big hugs to you guys)))
    You guys are really lucky that you are all there for each other through this. Y’all are some tough and much loved ladies!

    Oh, and go laugh your ass off at the new Cohen brothers movie. It’s fantastic!

  3. Thanks Sally – I am a BIG Coen fan, so I’m eager to go see it. In fact, my bro (the blabbermouth) and I saw Raising Arizona together in ’87 and he’ll be here next week I think… I think we’ll need to repeat that night out.

  4. I’ve remembered that unexpectable time when my three years old nephew has got brain tumor that is almost a non curable disease…
    Lots of medical treatment and check-ups had been done but there is no positive response by the cancer specialists and they advised us that leave him on the grace of god with regular medicines…
    Now he is arround 14 years old but disabled by his left eye,hand and leg as well as he’s still alive.
    I’ve seen that moment when a little baby was fighting with death for life… I don’t know this is a boon of god or curse that he’s still alive as he gotta that serious disease brain tumor just at 3 yrs………..?????????????

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