Four weeks gone


This weekend my sweet hubby made me get some sewing done and “relax”. 🙂 What? Was I coming across as being STRESSED??!!!??!?! I am two weeks away from the first major fund-raising event I’ve managed since getting my new job in May, mom is going through what she’s going through… I have teenagers… yeah, you could say I’m a little stressed. I’m so lucky to have my hubby to make sure I’m taking care of myself. And my co-workers are doing the same thing. I guess working for a cancer-care organization that includes social workers who specifically deal with oncology patients and their families is a good thing. Weird how the universe provides these kinds of blessings.

Four weeks ago tomorrow we found out mom has a mass in her brain. She FINALLY got started on her treatment last week, but she also had a horrible time with nausea (related to her diet, not the treatments) and is now in the hospital. Her doctors are getting her meds evened out, and she’s working with a physical therapist to gain some mobility that she’s lost on her left side.

Erin and I have talked about how we can manage mom’s care when she goes home. The doctors say they are trying to get her to the point she can do that, but she has essentially lost all control of her left side, so I’m not sure how effective that therapy will be. I have an electric chair available for her, so she won’t have to drag a walker around, but even then, she won’t be able to get on and off the toilet and into the shower and such on her own… Erin and I may divide up days working from her house, or if we can find friends and others to help her during the day, we can go out there at night.

While my brother, Brian, was here last week we met with mom’s attorney and went over the plans she has in place for her care. Her attorney also talked to us about what we need to keep in mind if we want to get mom qualified for Medicaid. Hopefully, we won’t get to that point, but we need to have all the info we can get just in case.

Tomorrow – back to work.


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  1. Oh my Lord! That brother of yours makes me laugh. I got a really good loud laugh from his comment. But he’s much cuter than his thumbnail.

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