Big Decisions


Mom thought about the surgery option over the weekend, and came to the conclusion that it just makes sense to go through with it. The comment that Dr. Rowe made that she has “nothing to lose” made a big impression, I think. We’re scheduled for next Monday, the 27th, but we don’t have a time set yet. She has to be down there (Little Rock) Sunday for an MRI so they can map out the surgery area, but we don’t know yet if we have to go down the night before. Anyway, we’re feeling optimistic and think this is a positive move. She’s fearful, of course, as anyone about to have someone messing around in their brain would be, but I think she is sure, as we are, that it’s the right thing to do.

She’s suspended radiation until after the surgery and recovery are complete, to “save” the remaining doses for when there is less cancer to deal with. Chemo will continue though, at least this week. I need to ask them if she’ll also take it while in the hospital.

In other news, we’re going to have a head-shaving party Wednesday night. The radiation has caught up with us, and her hair is everywhere. Rather than carry a lint roller around with us, she just decided to go ahead and take it off. Some of her friends have talked about the bonding experience they had with a friend or family member that made a party of their own Voluntary Balding, so what the hell? I have a new blender, and there’s tequila in the cupboard, so I believe we’ll also serve some adult beverages. Of course, my brother has asked for a photographic record of the whole thing. He’s goofy like that.

Come one, come all! And I’ll fix a SPECIAL margarita to anyone who wants to have their own head shaved in solidarity!

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  1. Today is head-shaving day? I’ll be drinking a margarita and doing the cha-cha at my house to celebrate with you. Maybe you can find some Samantha Sex-and-the-City glam wigs for Mom.

    You know I’m in LR. Let me know where and when y’all will be here, and I’ll come hang with ya.

  2. I’ll be drinking a margarita to celebrate also! If you need anyone to run errands for you while you are in Little Rock, I’m here! I know it can be hard to get away when you discover there is something you need. I’m sure all the Ya Yas would be happy to help you anyway we can. Print out a phone list from the Ya Ya site and tuck it in your purse.
    Sending you all big hugs and lots of prayers.

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