A night that begs a post


How can any self-respecting blogger let this night pass without posting something? I don’t think it’s possible.

Before the debates I was undecided. When McCain nominated Sarah Palin as his running mate I was surprised. When I heard her acceptance speech I was impressed, but still hesitant based on how little anyone knew about her. When she continued to interview and began praising the committee in Alaska who accused her of ethics violations for vindicating her from any accusations of ethics violations I became an ardent supporter of Obama.

I’m thrilled with the fact that our country has elected our first African-American president. It has only been four decades since the horrors of the civil rights were on t.v. every night in this country. Not only have citizens of all colors and creeds and belief systems cast their vote for Barack Obama – which is a huge step forward just as Americans – we, the people,  have shown the rest of the world that we are eager to reach out and be respectful of people who are different from ourselves. We have elected a president who will act upon that, and hopefully, heal some relationships and help put us on the road to recovery both in international relations and economically.

Go USA!!


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  1. I am that middle-aged white male who voted for Bush that the pundits thought would say Obama and vote McCain. When it came down to just me, my God and my ballot, I circled the little oval by Obama’s name. Blame Sarah Palin, McCain.

  2. As an American living abroad this was the only time I’ve voted in an American election while living outside the USA. I was so proud to be an American the morning after the election! I thought the only good thing about Palin were all the great songs/videos she inspired on youtube.

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