Santa, at last!


thinking-about-it1When Griffin was just over two months old, he happily sat with Santa Claus at his daddy’s office Christmas party, and we have the picture to prove it. In the following two holiday seasons, he decided that Santa was a suspicious character and he was not about to go sit in the dude’s lap, regardless of the promises of treats and Christmas wonder that would result. This year, however, was the magic year. After somegriffin-tells-santa-about-robotboy1 observation of other kids’ visits, and apparently an increased faith in the integrity of mom and dad’s assurances of his safety, he let dad carry him over to visit with the bearded man.

While this is a lovely thing – visiting with Santa Claus. Plenty of happiness to be had, and photo ops abounding… we really are in a horrible predicament due to this visit.

For weeks Griffin has been saying he wants a Robot Boy for Christmas. Fine. Okay. We assume he’s talking about some generic robot, and we’re looking for something that would fit the bill. But then, he seems to be speaking more specifically… he mentions a sister that this Robot Boy has. We become concerned… do we need to be looking for a partcular robot??

Hubby googles “robotboy” and what do you know… there is an animated program on Cartoon Network called Robotboy. Uh oh.

robotboy25Now, if this program were on Nicklodeon, we would not only be able to find an action figure of Robotboy, but also bedsheets, lunchboxes, umbrellas, and fuzzy house shoes with his likeness all over them. But we are not talking about Nickelodeon. We are talking about Cartoon Freaking Network. What can we find with Robotboy on it? Nothing.

We broached the subject with G, warning him that it might be possible that Santa won’t be able to find a Robotboy for him this year – maybe there aren’t any around, since we haven’t seen any at the stores we’ve been in lately. G reassured us that Santa will have one in his bag. Like, duh mom… Santa can give you whatever you want!

So today hubby found a robot of some sort at the largest retailer in the world, and it will just have to do. Hopefully he will be able to look past the fact that it’s not the robot he wanted. And maybe by the time his birthday rolls around we’ll find something made with Robotboy on it. Or he’ll forget about it by then…


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  1. Robotboy, huh? I thought we had it bad with a yellow stuffed kitty… Though the Santa we visited seemed to promise her something to wear iwth a yellow kitty on it. Even told her he “had her down on the list” for it. Uh, fake Santa, shut the HELL UP!! I’m absolutely positive that G will be thrilled with his toy robot. After all, it’s got Santa’s seal of approval. The corollary of the “Santa is all powerful with toys and can bring anything” rule is that “Santa is all knowing with toys and will bring exactly the right toy.”

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