Sometimes, changes are good.


For the last twelve months it was nearly impossible for me to make many plans for the short-term future. My mother was ill with cancer, which led to a lot of things being put on hold, but for the last six months or so I’ve also been unsure whether the merger my employer was going through was going to lead to me losing my job or not. I finally learned a few weeks ago that I was definitely on the organizational chart, and was even going to get an increase in my hours which would allow me to qualify for benefits. Things are starting to settle down.

Our merger was approved by all the required board members and such, and yesterday we moved into our new offices.

Now, I have been happy to have a job for the last 16 months… but I have to say, the office space I was occupying left a little bit lot to be desired. I was sitting at a student desk with no significant storage space available, which meant a lot of stuff piled up here and there when I was in the middle of a project or event.  I shared an office with a colleague – which was both great and a pain. Great, because we have become very good friends and enjoy the same music on Pandora, and have been important for each other as we’ve dealt with some individually difficult issues together. Tough, because it’s just hard to stay focused when sharing an office with someone, and, the space issues…

photo(2)So, check out the great office I have in our new digs!! I’m next door to my old office mate, which is not the same, but isn’t as bad as it could be. I have a HUGE desk, and bookshelves! I have a giant window wall looking out onto a courtyard on one side… I really love it.

Can you hear me sigh with satisfaction?


About Laurie

I have too many hobbies, but have finally learned (sort of) how to focus on one at a time and stifle my desire to add more. ;) I'm a mom, a wife, a writer, an artist, a seamstress, a gardener, a backyard-chicken farmer, a fundraiser, a movie-lover, a book hoarder, a junker, a thrift-store-shopper... I also love to laugh, make people happy, and take road trips. Some of these things make it into blog posts. I'm almost 50 and I'm still able to sleep through the night. I consider that a success.

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