Writing More Often in 2010? Check.


A little while ag0 I went out and blabbed about my plan to write more this year. I said I would blog every week (sorry, I’ve blown that already), I started a new blog about my efforts to get healthier… I just want to put more words on paper – or laptop, as it were.  I want to be a Writer, and to do that, I kinda need to start writing.

So, good news along those lines – I’m going to start contributing to a local blog called NWAMotherlode twice a month. I approached the women who run it to see if they would allow me to create something regularly that would go along with my new blog, but specifically aimed at moms. They not only said yes, they said yes enthusiastically. Here’s a bit of the reply I received to my query:

“Hey, Laurie! We love your writing and I’ve always thought it would be fabulous to have your work on Motherlode.”

So, I’m preening a little, and that’s okay. The downside is that I’m pretty sure I won’t be paid for these contributions, but I’m happy to add them to my clip file. And, when I send queries to editors and agents I can point to something I’m writing on a regular basis. It’s all good. And it’s a start – which is what I need. This will also ramp up the whole “Putting it out there” thing I mentioned before, since my audience will be way bigger than on my own blog.

I’m also volunteering my time to edit and format the member newsletter for the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market. I won’t write a lot of content – the board members and managers do that – but I edit it, and I will write a “Minute with a Member” interview piece, and it’s just more work in the field of writing.

I feel like I’m making some good forward progress on my resolutions… seriously impressive given my typical tendencies to procrastinate. It’s big, people!


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  1. Good luck in you efforts, I’ve found that writting something every day has started to build up an addiction, now I can’t stop thinking about what to write. Is this good or bad? I don’t know but I don’t care its working.

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