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well hello there 2008!!


2007 was interesting.  But not in a good way.  Well… I guess there were lots of good things about it, but there were also several not so great things.  The good stuff, like opening my Etsy shop, finishing my BA degree, and snagging my first (of hopefully MANY) freelance job, was often overshadowed by the unemployment, issues with my teenaged daughter, and the seemingly endless whispers of self-doubt brought on by those two challenges… And then there’s the cracked heels that require regular scraping.  (I turned 42… these things happen.)

But here I am staring down another 364 days with an actual job, a semi-organized craft area to enjoy during my non-working hours, a daughter that – although she drives me crazy, is not in jail or pregnant – and the incredibly supported feeling that I’ve enjoyed over and over again that comes from being married to the most amazing man in the world.  No, really.  You don’t want to be bored with the details, just trust me. 

So, I’m tugging my newsboy hat onto my head, smirking in that cute way that I have, and heading into the new year with all the assurance I need that 2008 will be MY year.  I will be published this spring in a local poetry journal, am preparing to send more things out to be considered, and will receive my diploma.  Even with the extra pounds and the cracked heels I know that my motivation level is up and my frustration level is subsiding. 

Welcome 2008.  You’d better be ready for me!!


The other me has set up shop…


on Blogspot!  I love my wordpress blog, but I can’t add photos like I want to and link to my Etsy shop, so I’ve created another blog that will allow me to focus on my crafting exploits and curbside trash heisting adventures.  You can take a look if you like: www.junquerethunque.blogspot.com

The name is the same as the business my mom and I are forming together.  We both have an addiction to picking odd bits of furniture and cast-offs we find here and there and thinking “hmmm… what could I do with this??”  The addiction has caused her to spend a few thousand dollars fixing up my grandpa’s workshop, so I guess we’d better get busy and make it pay!  When the shop is up and running I thought we could use the blog to promote ourselves.

Of course, all the up-t0-date info on me and my family and my writing will be here… so there’s plenty of blogging goodness to go around!

UPDATE:  I remembered I already set up a blogspot blog under the name punkinheaddesigns, but I’ve tried all day to get into it and can’t. I finally figured out how to send an email to the powers that be at blogger to ask the questions I need answers to, so hopefully that will be up and running soon too.  I think I’ll try to focus on the stuff I do personally (at my house) on punkinheaddesigns, and the stuff that mom and I are doing in our business at junquerethunque… but we’ll see how it plays out.