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New digs!

New digs!

It’s not like I haven’t had things to write about over the last four months. I mean, seriously. It’s more like the words in my head just couldn’t get out of my head and into my fingers and onto the screen.

I’m not going to bore you (or myself) by recapping the months that have passed since I last blogged… let’s just pretend I was here:


Okay, so here’s what’s going on this week:

Last weekend I took a quick trip out to Prairie Grove, a mecca of sorts for people in NW Arkansas who like antique malls, civil war battlefields, and yummy Mexican food. (Mariela’s!! YUM!). I had heard through the grapevine (i.e. Facebook) that a new antique mall called Summit Hill Cottage recently opened.

Since my sister and I have been on the waiting list for the larger mall in the same town for over a year, I figured it was worth checking out the new place. Bonus: new place is right across the street from waiting list place. Heehee!!

My daughters went with me and were patient tolerant of my gushing and being excited… even when a “quick visit to check it out” turned into business discussion and signing of a contract. The place is perfect for the booth that Junque Rethunque deserves to be, and we can’t wait to get set up!!

The flea market we are in currently has been okay, but not great. The “aha!” moment occurred the other day when I was looking at the wish list that the owners send every week with items that customers have told them they’re looking for. The list goes something like this:

  1. Baby monitor
  2. Deer stand
  3. Blenders
  4. Overalls
  5. Salad spinner
  6. Ceiling fan

I’m not really kidding…

As I looked at the latest list it hit me – the people shopping at this place are not looking for ANYTHING we are selling!!  We have made enough to pay our booth fee the majority of the months we’ve been there, but for the last few months only barely. I mean, a check for $6.40 at the end of the month really kind of deflates a girl, you know?? Dave Matthews Band tickets don’t grow on trees!! And you can’t deny this man…


So, it was obvious it was time to go. Hearing about the new place the same week that I had the “aha!” moment was a little like the clouds parting and a neon sign popping out that said “Do it!” So, I did! I chatted with the owner, Suzy, for a while, she showed me around the vendors’ booths and pointed out which ones were selling well and which ones had product niches that they were filling.

Suzy used to be a vendor in the Waiting List place and included a lot of detail in the vendor contract – even down to the statement saying that we are not allowed to decorate with feather boas. I think we’ll be able to mind that one fairly easily. I also think it will be easy to stand out. There was lots of shabby chic, and some repurposing going on, and vintage kitchenware, but no industrial, not much wire and metal… not many painted signs or lampshades and certainly no vintage linens turned tote bags and home decor.

Here is the new Junque Rethunque space as it looks right now – pre Junque-ifying:

This is not our stuff – but don’t you love the rough plaster and brick walls back there?? Here’s a view down the aisle…

It’s just so much better than where we are. Like, times a billion. And cheaper too! We’ll be paying $17 less per month for the space, and a smaller commission as well. Look at those painted floors! And the wooden valance that Suzy added. I heart it!

So… that’s what’s up right now. We are excited to get in there and execute some of the great ideas we had when we first set up shop a year ago. We plan to be in the space by the end of August, but if it’s earlier we will definitely let you know. Hope you’ll come see us, and let us know what you think.

Also, in case you were wondering – the chickens are great. 🙂


Stuff that I love


There are a lot of things I love. Some things I don’t love so much, and interestingly – those are listed in BIG LETTERS in my tag cloud over there —->  Guess we don’t always write about what we love. Sometimes a blog gets populated by a whole lot of stuff that pisses us off.

But in the case of CANCER, the thing I love so little that I might actually use four-letter words when I refer to it in conversation, that thing has actually brought a wonderful thing along… a really strong relationship with my sister. Don’t worry, this isn’t going down the two-hankie-blog-post path. I’m just saying… I mean, get over it. Just briefly: our mom was diagnosed with brain cancer in September 2008 and passed away in August 2009. In those 11 months my sister and I developed a bond that can only be understood fully by other people who have shared in the work of caring for a dying loved-one and then spent another year and a half figuring out what to do with all their stuff including a house that was built by their grandfather and which ended up in foreclosure. And also including three beloved cats. Yeah… THAT kind of bond. I have a tattoo to prove it.

So, back to the stuff I love… one of those things would be Dave Matthews Band. Another, understandably, is my sister. Another is road trips. And finally, another (the actual list, which includes this photo of my brothers, would be ridiculously long…) is junking/thrifting/scrounging/treasure-hunting. This week the stars are aligning just as they do in super-cool documentaries about the Mayan Calendar and the future of the Universe and things like that, and my sister and I are taking a road trip to see Dave Matthews Band at one of their summer Caravan festivals – as well as a crapload of other awesome bands. On our way, we are certain to be lured to the roadside by junky buildings overflowing with stuff other people would throw in a dumpster or on a burn pile. And we




Okay, I’m not skilled on WordPress and can’t make that centered text look as intense as the waiting actually feels.

The aforementioned sister has been putting together a mix tape (shut up – if I want to call it a mix tape I will!!!) of a bunch of the bands we’ll see over the three day festival. We have been doing stupid little wiggly dances for at least the last two weeks every time we are together and one of us mentions the trip … we have saved our pennies and are making lists of the things we need to take and have a cheap ass hotel room in the ghetto reserved in our name. The countdown is on and this time tomorrow we’ll be lying in our beds unable to go to sleep.

We will be posting pics. We will be slapping on the sunscreen and using our refillable water bottles. We will also be eating cheap food in Chicago that quite possibly will taste better than anything we’ve ever eaten in our LIVES simply because we’re on a road trip.

And that, my friends, will be something to love.