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the path


I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that sometimes the hardest thing about getting a project done, or sticking to a new year’s resolution is getting past the planning stage. I don’t get as much crafting done as I’d because I’m too caught up in the organizing of the craft area and the collecting of supplies.  I spend more time researching the right market for my writing submissions than actually WRITING. I spend more time talking about the great things that will happen “when _____” rather than just making them happen.

Case in point – I’m writing this blog post rather than working on a short story idea I have.

Obviously, I’m familiar with my weaknesses.

But this post is a direct result of an article I read today in the magazine Real Simple. It’s their January issue, so of course it’s dedicated to de-cluttering, following through on plans for change, how to stay focused on resolutions, etc… The article is Nine Secrets of Motivated People, by Lesley Alderman. Some of the info it contains is familiar, like the importance of believing in your abilities, and setting realistic goals. But a couple of the hints really hit home. So, I thought I’d share. It’s all about you, dear readers…

#4 – Go Public With It.   Ms. Alderman brings up a great point that we’ve probably all heard before – we are more likely to follow through with our plans to clear out our closet/go to the gym/quit eating desserts,  if we tell other people we are planning to do those things. It’s the same idea that makes going to Weight Watcher’s meetings more effective for weight loss than just promising ourselves a new pair of jeans if we lose 10 pounds. Accountability is a strong ally. Some days it feels like the enemy… but in the end, it’s really our BFF if we allow it to be and use it correctly.

On that note – I’ve decided that in an effort to kill several birds with a couple of stones, I’m going to start a new blog about my efforts to lose weight and get healthier this year, and refocus this one to include a lot about my journey toward becoming a published author. I’ll probably still include the occasional post about family, daily frustrations, etc… because those things enter into my ability to focus on my writing anyway, right? But if I’m going to write, I need to focus on that goal – and one way to do it is to blog about it as I go.

Additionally, I’m going to make a serious attempt to post something on one of my blogs (I’ll have three when I start the weight loss one) every day. That should keep me busy. And hopefully, focused.

Another thing that Ms. Alderman points out in her article is the need for us all to make ourselves a priority in our own lives. (it’s number 6 on the list) Too many of us make the happiness of our families and smooth function of our homes the priority, and have a difficult time seeing the benefit to spending time on our own sanity on a daily – or at least weekly – basis. I’m terribly guilty of this.

Right now, for example, my husband is watching a football game while playing a computer game. I would normally go in the room where the game is on to be close to him, just because I know he likes me to be around. But I wouldn’t be able to focus on my writing there, and would end up surfing around on Twitter and Etsy and not getting anything productive done. What’s the point of that?? I’m doing some laundry, and the youngest is in bed – so no one is hurting because mom’s in the living room with the cats and her laptop.

So. There it is. I’m going to be here a lot more often, and hope that you will be as well. Keep up with my progress, keep me honest and don’t let me make excuses. I need you to be my cheerleaders and my drill sergeants, and I hope you will find a little support and motivation here that will help you in your own plans for change this year.


well hello there 2008!!


2007 was interesting.  But not in a good way.  Well… I guess there were lots of good things about it, but there were also several not so great things.  The good stuff, like opening my Etsy shop, finishing my BA degree, and snagging my first (of hopefully MANY) freelance job, was often overshadowed by the unemployment, issues with my teenaged daughter, and the seemingly endless whispers of self-doubt brought on by those two challenges… And then there’s the cracked heels that require regular scraping.  (I turned 42… these things happen.)

But here I am staring down another 364 days with an actual job, a semi-organized craft area to enjoy during my non-working hours, a daughter that – although she drives me crazy, is not in jail or pregnant – and the incredibly supported feeling that I’ve enjoyed over and over again that comes from being married to the most amazing man in the world.  No, really.  You don’t want to be bored with the details, just trust me. 

So, I’m tugging my newsboy hat onto my head, smirking in that cute way that I have, and heading into the new year with all the assurance I need that 2008 will be MY year.  I will be published this spring in a local poetry journal, am preparing to send more things out to be considered, and will receive my diploma.  Even with the extra pounds and the cracked heels I know that my motivation level is up and my frustration level is subsiding. 

Welcome 2008.  You’d better be ready for me!!