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Do Over


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a word that I was going to focus on throughout the year. I had put a lot of thought into that word. I drew pictures about it. I wrote in a journal about it. So it only makes sense, then, that I’ve decided to change my word.


Here’s the thing. The first word that I thought of when I was considering the possibilities was “create”, but one of the other bloggers who had talked about doing this challenge had already chosen the same word. I wanted to do something different. But as I try to come up with the sub-text for my word, to put it into little chunks of focus for the year, I get stuck.

So today I decided to change my word. My fellow One Little Word participants agree that it’s okay to have a do-over. One of my favorite people said “…shifting from one word to another means you’ve been thinking about it and it’s evolving for you, which seems to me to be the whole point of the journey anyway!” I’m so glad I have friends like that. (thanks Angie!!!)

So my word is now CREATE. But I’m going to have to get back to you with my plan and my intentions with this new word… stay tuned. 🙂


So, here it is.


I suppose I need to address the new year…

“Hello, New Year.”

That sounded kind of Seinfeld-ey, didn’t it?? Kind of snide… a little dismissive. Not my intention, really. I’m feeling pretty good about 2012. Excited, even. I started to come out of a strange kind of fog last fall and and am pretty confident that the months ahead are going to be full of awesomesauce.

I’ll try again…

“Hello, New Year, you sexy beast!!!”

Well… 🙂

I have never been much of a goal-setter. Which would explain the astounding number of cool things I wanted to do when I was younger but never quite managed to accomplish. 😉 But this year, this dreamer is going to become a PLANNER!! That’s right, people! I’ll be putting together some action-steps to make some of the things I want to do actually get done, and I’ll start my list right here.

  1. Get one home project done each month.
  2. Make a plan for Punkinhead that will improve inventory creation and sales.
  3. Hone Junque Rethunque’s brand and focus to build business opportunities.
  4. Create time to focus on writing portfolio.
  5. Spend more time communicating with the divine.

So those are the Big Ones. Those are the game changers that will make 2012 the Year of Change for me. But there are some smaller things, or at least some more daily-life kinds of things, that I’m also going to do to make some changes. Not for me, personally (because frankly, a couple of these will be pretty challenging) – but for my community, my planet, and my children.

  1. Carry reusable bags to the store every time.
  2. Use my composter.
  3. Sign up with a CSA.
  4. Buy second-hand.
  5. Plan meals and cook at home at least 4 times each week.

I’ve done a lot of numbers 1 and 4 in the past couple of years, but haven’t been as diligent as I plan to be this year. I’ve started out pretty well so far. I think the hardest will be the plan to buy everything I need or want second-hand. I shop at thrift stores often already, primarily looking for treasures for my vintage flea market booth and to use in my hobby business, but I haven’t made a real effort to purchase EVERYTHING I need throughout the year at thrift stores, online, or at yard sales.

Today I caved on the second-hand plan, going to Walmart to buy some Rubbermaid totes when I hit a couple of thrift stores and didn’t find any. I rationalize it because I have to get them filled with fabric to get my organization plan completed in my sewing room. In order to make number 2 happen, I had to go to Walmart. Not sure I can get by with that very often if I want to be successful. I think I’ll keep a list of purchases to compare what I pay second-hand against what I would pay new. At least, that’s a great idea… we’ll see if I can stick to it. 🙂

So, what are your plans for the new year?

Hard, but not impossible.


Having now celebrated two Christmases without my mother I am convinced that, contrary to what well-intentioned people have told me, it will never get any easier. 2009 was very difficult because I spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas that year away from home and my family and the traditions that are comfortable for me, but this most recent holiday season I got to spend both of those days with my siblings and it was still hard. Not sobbing-in-bed-for-hours hard… there was no crying or reminiscing aside from a comment at Thanksgiving about the day also being her birthday… the difficulty was less intrusive, but just as painful.

One particularly tough moment came at a craft fair my sister and I were selling at in October. As I was browsing the other booths I discovered something that would have been a perfect gift for my Mom and was hit by the stunning realization that I would never buy her another gift. My mother was a joy to buy for. She and I had similar taste in many things – decor, clothing, hobbies. Perhaps that’s why I now have so much of her stuff in my garage? I felt I knew her so well that when I found The Perfect Gift it was a thrill just to anticipate her opening it, let alone seeing her reaction post-reveal.

Another wrinkle this year was the grand-baby in our house. She looks so much like my mother did as a baby – she has her chin and her smile and her red hair!! – and I know Mom would have loved to have a new baby to buy for. I hope I can measure up to Mom’s stellar Nana talents as I learn to be a Nonnie for my little one.

But being with my brothers at Thanksgiving and my sister for Christmas helped somewhat as we move forward “sans mere”. I’m confident we will make new traditions as we learn to share our own homes with each other instead of relying on mom to always be the hub of our family wheel.

Losing a parent in 2009, and gaining a grandchild in 2010 kind of trumped any list of goals I made those years. I’ll give 2011 some thought and get back to you on that.

Until then – I’ll share my mantra for the new year:

Do or do not… there is no try.   — Yoda

well hello there 2008!!


2007 was interesting.  But not in a good way.  Well… I guess there were lots of good things about it, but there were also several not so great things.  The good stuff, like opening my Etsy shop, finishing my BA degree, and snagging my first (of hopefully MANY) freelance job, was often overshadowed by the unemployment, issues with my teenaged daughter, and the seemingly endless whispers of self-doubt brought on by those two challenges… And then there’s the cracked heels that require regular scraping.  (I turned 42… these things happen.)

But here I am staring down another 364 days with an actual job, a semi-organized craft area to enjoy during my non-working hours, a daughter that – although she drives me crazy, is not in jail or pregnant – and the incredibly supported feeling that I’ve enjoyed over and over again that comes from being married to the most amazing man in the world.  No, really.  You don’t want to be bored with the details, just trust me. 

So, I’m tugging my newsboy hat onto my head, smirking in that cute way that I have, and heading into the new year with all the assurance I need that 2008 will be MY year.  I will be published this spring in a local poetry journal, am preparing to send more things out to be considered, and will receive my diploma.  Even with the extra pounds and the cracked heels I know that my motivation level is up and my frustration level is subsiding. 

Welcome 2008.  You’d better be ready for me!!