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Hard, but not impossible.


Having now celebrated two Christmases without my mother I am convinced that, contrary to what well-intentioned people have told me, it will never get any easier. 2009 was very difficult because I spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas that year away from home and my family and the traditions that are comfortable for me, but this most recent holiday season I got to spend both of those days with my siblings and it was still hard. Not sobbing-in-bed-for-hours hard… there was no crying or reminiscing aside from a comment at Thanksgiving about the day also being her birthday… the difficulty was less intrusive, but just as painful.

One particularly tough moment came at a craft fair my sister and I were selling at in October. As I was browsing the other booths I discovered something that would have been a perfect gift for my Mom and was hit by the stunning realization that I would never buy her another gift. My mother was a joy to buy for. She and I had similar taste in many things – decor, clothing, hobbies. Perhaps that’s why I now have so much of her stuff in my garage? I felt I knew her so well that when I found The Perfect Gift it was a thrill just to anticipate her opening it, let alone seeing her reaction post-reveal.

Another wrinkle this year was the grand-baby in our house. She looks so much like my mother did as a baby – she has her chin and her smile and her red hair!! – and I know Mom would have loved to have a new baby to buy for. I hope I can measure up to Mom’s stellar Nana talents as I learn to be a Nonnie for my little one.

But being with my brothers at Thanksgiving and my sister for Christmas helped somewhat as we move forward “sans mere”. I’m confident we will make new traditions as we learn to share our own homes with each other instead of relying on mom to always be the hub of our family wheel.

Losing a parent in 2009, and gaining a grandchild in 2010 kind of trumped any list of goals I made those years. I’ll give 2011 some thought and get back to you on that.

Until then – I’ll share my mantra for the new year:

Do or do not… there is no try.   — Yoda


Star Wars Guy


You have to see this. If you went to the movie theater to see all three of the original Star Wars movies, or even if you weren’t old enough to enjoy that experience, you have to see this. Charles Ross is a Canadian actor who put together this little 20 minute thing he did for friends years ago, and it’s turned into a one-hour romp (what a great word that is) through the original trilogy that kept Hubby and I laughing out loud. I even slapped my knee.

But you’ve seen the movies in the theater, you’ve got them in your dvd collection, you even had them in your vhs collection when you were old school… why would you want to watch some guy rush through them leaving out all the details that make them the classics they are? (Especially some Canadian, for gods sake…) Ahhh… but that’s the beauty!! If you know all the lines and have memorized the facial expressions and can make the sound of a blaster or light saber (even if only in your car, or the shower… ) you will LOVE this guy! He condenses the movies into the high points and mimics the characters, or stereotypes them perhaps, in a way that had audience members snorting with laughter even as we nodded our heads in agreement; “yes! although Han doesn’t REALLY grab his package in any of the films, that’s something he’d definintely DO!!”.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ross is on his way to Europe at the moment, so I can’t tell you when he’ll be in your city. Just keep an eye on his website (or sign up for his email alerts) and make sure you buy a ticket next time he’s near you. And may the force be with you. I had to say that. I’m just that much of a geek.